About Us

At Eastern Adjustment Group, LLP we’re dedicated to ensuring you and your loved ones can rest easy knowing that we’re here to help.

We’ve represented thousands of clients in property damage cases and we have the experience that you’re looking for. We’re always willing to meet your needs and concerns while negotiating your claim settlement. We’re simply here to help you.

Eastern is a property loss adjustment firm servicing residential, commercial and business policy holders by providing advocacy and assistance throughout the claims process. Additionally we at Eastern have the experience, expertise and resources to thoroughly investigate your loss; accurately prepare, document and submit your claim; and negotiate a full, fair and timely settlement.

As a whole we cater to our clients unique set of personal needs. Every client deserves time and attention. To us, a client is not just another file. A client is a person, family, or business that has suffered a significant loss. We happily answer phone calls, meet for consultations and provide assistance throughout your claim experience. Most people are confused, anxious and stressed on what to do at the time of loss. We are here to hold your hand each step of the way along the road to recovery.

Do YOU see what WE see?

Did you know that your carrier only has to address issues that you identify? Eastern’s staff is highly trained to inspect and identify damage unseen by the untrained eye. Don’t sell yourself short and settle for less. Always seek representation when you encounter a property damage dilemma.

Before you decide to handle your Loss on your own!! Beware.

The insurance claim process is parallel to a legal suit. When you make a phone statement to a carrier, the call is recorded. What you say can make or break your claim. A Public Insurance Adjuster speaks the same language, utilizes the same software to achieve your maximum payout potential. Additionally, there is language that should never be used. ONE wrong word or statement can have your claim denied. Allow us to facilitate the needed communications with your carrier.